The latest version of this website tries to detect the best player for your device so you can hear the live audio.
The two types of players available are FLASH and HTML5. The FLASH player is the easiest way to listen, however, not all devices support flash (I.E. Android Phones, IPhones, etc).

When you visit the site will try and pick the correct player of the two based on your device.
If you want to switch between the FLASH or HTML5 player, then simply click on the FLASH or HTML5 buttons to the right of the CURRENT PLAYER text.

Please note that if you are using a mobile device such as an Android phone or Iphone, then the default player will be the HTML5 player. Due to limitations with android and apple mobile devices, the player that shows up on your mobile device will have to be manually started. You will need to click on the play button ">" within the player in order to start audio. Please note that once you click the play button on your mobile device that it may take up to 30 seconds for the audio to begin playing.

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Did you know you can listen to the 3 live scanners hosted on this site on your Roku Media Player?? Its quick and easy! From your Roku device (or the Roku Website) search for and add the free "Shoutcast" channel to your Roku device. From your Roku device, go ahead and select the Shoutcast channel. From within the Shoutcast channel you have access to thousands of streaming radio stations, scanners, and other audio sources. To add the live scanners here, simply search for them and add them to your favorites within the Shoutcast channel. To add the Big Bear Live Scanner, search for "Big Bear" and then select "Live Scanner from Big Bear" from the search list. To add the Fawnskin Live Scanner, search for "Fawnskin" and then select "Fawnskin Live Scanner" from the search list. To add the Bear Mountain Live Scanner, search for "Bear Mountain" and then select "Bear Mountain Live Scanner" from the search list. Thats all there is to it! Enjoy listening on your Roku!

There are also some alternate players for apple/android mobile devices. Click the links below to try them out!
To listen on your android mobile device please visit this link: Android Player
To listen on your apple mobile device please visit this link: Iphone/Ipad Player

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