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Current Weather @ 10:07 AM Clear skies Temp 83.2º Humidity 15% Winds WNW 3.0mph Max Gust 12.0mph
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                                        LATEST INCIDENTS (click incident for more info):
                                        Sat Jun 24 09:44am MEDICAL AID in LAKE ARROWHEAD
                                        Sat Jun 24 09:05am FALL VICTIM in CRESTLINE
                                        Sat Jun 24 08:23am TRAFFIC ACCIDENT in BIG BEAR LAKE
                                        Sat Jun 24 07:59am RINGING ALARM in CRESTLINE
                                        Sat Jun 24 06:31am SMOKE CHECK in SBNF
                                        Sat Jun 24 06:22am OUTSIDE INVESTIGATION in FAWNSKIN
                                        Sat Jun 24 03:35am MEDICAL AID in BIG BEAR CITY
                                        Sat Jun 24 02:22am MEDICAL AID in CRESTLINE